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FHA Compliance Inspections for Banks and Mortgage Lenders

We can schedule and complete most FHA compliance inspections within 24 hours of request with some of those being same day.  Here is what we need to complete your request:  
  • Address of the property to be inspected
  • Materials list for new construction or list of required repairs from the appraiser
  • Property contact name and telephone number (i.e. Builder, Sales Associate, Home Owner)
  • Mortgage lender contact name, address, email and phone number
  • Builder name and address, if applicable
  • FHA case number (i.e 511-XXXXXXX-703)
Compliance Inspections will be performed to the guidelines specified by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with no exceptions.  New construction must be fully completed and ready for buyer move in - at the time of the inspection. This includes but is not limited to: appliances completely installed and operational, window screens on, landscaping materials completed and fully cleaned.  

The fee for this service is $175 at each inspection, plus mileage for those more than 20 miles from the office located in Plano, Texas.  Properties that are not complete and/or do not pass, will be assessed an additional inspection fee at each additional inspection. If you are a new lender to Show-N-Tell Inspections, you may be required to pay for the inspection via credit card at the time of inspection until a relationship has been established.

To schedule your quick-turn FHA Compliance Inspection, call Fee Inspector, Richard Whitsitt at 214-642-7853, complete the form below, and email the required information listed above to
FHA Compliance Request

Complete the form below and follow up with an email to Richard to provide the appraiser requirements for compliance. 

Property Type:  New ConstructionExisting Home
Date Needed:
Address of the property to be inspected:
City, Zip:
FHA Case #:
Builder Name:
Builder Address:
Builder City, St, Zip:
Lender/Bank Name:
Lender/Bank Contact:
Lender Email:
Lender Address:
Lender City, St, Zip:
Property Contact Phone Number:
Property Contact Name:
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